Food and Nutrition


A typical breakfast consists of pancakes, french toast or waffle, served with eggs, vegetarian bacon, grits, yogurt, or fresh fruit.  

  • Also available, hot or cold cereal.

Choice of drinks:  juice, milk, coffee, tea


Lunch is a three-course, restaurant-style meal served in our large dining room out-looking the lovely flower gardens. 

The meal begins with a refreshing salad.  Followed with a hot plate of either a sweet potato, baked potato, rice or noodles and accompanied with 2-3 fresh seasonal vegetables and bread.  The meal is not complete until you've tried one of our deliciously, decadent desserts.

Choice of drinks:  juice, milk, coffee, hot or cold tea


Dinner is typically a freshly homemade soup with sandwich and baked potato or sweet potato. Served with dessert.